NoPassport asks fellow artists to speak up and say je suis un theatre-maker on our fragileshore channel on youtube.

In 2012, editor Caridad Svich's book Out of Silence: Censorship in Theatre and Performance went to print from Eyecorner Press. Over thirty artists spoke then of issues with censorship and self-censorship in the arts: 

Freedom of expression in the arts is a "fragile shore," as we have seen most recently with the tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. We ask you to join in the contemplation of this fragile shore on our channel by sending a 1-3 minute video reflection to these reflections will be part of our archive and as prelude to our 2015 NoPassport Global Conference.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to fellow artists.

NoPassport was founded by playwright Caridad Svich in 2003. It is an unincorporated, artist-driven, grass-roots theatre alliance & press devoted to cross-cultural, Pan-American performance, theory, action, advocacy, and publication.

NoPassport exists a virtual and live forum for the exchange of work and dreams, a network between theatres and the academy, and a mobile band of playwrights, directors, actors, producers and musicians. The mentoring of younger artists is also a key component of NOPE's (as we playfully call ourselves) mission.