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SPARK Master Calendar of Readings for the Intl Reading Scheme 2012

 Currently Confirmed:
October 22, 2012: MOXIE Productions, Waterbury, VT
Location: Cork Wine Bar in downtown Waterbury. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Monica Callan.
Cast: Emily George Lyons, Natalie Battistone, Claire Demarais, John Wilson, Rob Donaldson
October 30, 2012: Atomic Age Theatre and Emerson College, Boston
Location: Emerson College Multipurpose Room, Time: 7:30 PM.
Directed by Noelle Vinas
November 4, 2012: MOXIE Productions, Burlington, VT
Location: Burlington Arts Center Firehouse Gallery. Time: 2 PM
Directed by Monica Callan
November 5, 2012: The Playwrights Center, Minneapolis, MN
Location: The Playwrights Center. Time: 7 PM
Directed by Hayley Finn
Cast includes Ansa Akyea, Emily Gunyou Halaas, Shavanda Horsley, Bruce Young
November 5, 2012: Bristol Riverside Theatre, Bristol, PA (POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY AFTERMATH)
Location: Bristol Riverside Theatre. Time: TBA.
Directed by Jose Zayas
Cast: Sofia Jean Gomez, Keira Keely, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Bobby Plasencia, Keith Randolph Smith
November 7, 2012: Pygmalion Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, Utah
Location: Rose Wagner Black Box Theatre, Rose Wagner Center for the Arts. Time: 7:30 PM
Directed by Alexandra Harbold
Cast: Elise Groves, Olivia Vessel, Nicki Nixon, Robert Scott Smith, Jay C Stoddard 
November 7, 2012: University of Washington-Seattle Dept. of Theatre in collaboration with The Hansberry Project
Location: Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse. Time: 7:30 PM.
Directed by Val Curtis-Newton.
November 8, 2012: University of Nebraska-Omaha
Location: Weber Fine Arts Building. Time: 1 PM
Directed by Liz Nye
November 9, 2012: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dept of Theatre
Location: Studio Theatre. Time: 8 PM. 
Directed by Michael Schwartz.
November 10, 2012: Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
Location: Strother Theatre. Time: 2:30 PM
Coordinated by Wendy Mortimer.
November 10, 2012: Working Title Playwrights, Avondale Estates, GA
Location: The Academy Theatre. Time: 2 PM
Cast: Cara Mantella, Sarah Wallis, Taylor Dooley, Luis Hernandez, Geoff McKnight.
Directed by Justin Anderson (of Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta)
November 11, 2012: Cherry Lane Theatre, NY 
Location: Cherry Lane Theatre. Time: 8 PM.
Directed by Scott Schwartz.
Hosted by Kathleen Chalfant.
Post-Reading Panel moderated by Michael Craft. Panel: Nisha Money, Sue Lynch, Helen Benedict, Kayla Williams, JulieHera DeStefano and Kathleen Chalfant.
Produced by Gloria Mann, TECL, and Mannatee Films.
Cast includes: Louis Cancelmi, Marin Ireland, Peter Jay Fernandez, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Gloria Mann. Stage Directions: Nicole Aiken.
November 11, 2012: Trap Door Theatre, Chicago, IL
Location: Trap Door Theatre. Time: 7:00 PM.
Directed by Kate Hendrickson.
Cast: Tiffany Bedwell, Skye Fort, Chris Popip, Sadie Rogers, Bob Wilson. Stage directions: Anya Clingman.
November 11, 2012: Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston, TX
Location: Stages Repertory Theatre. Time: 8 PM
Directed by Eva LaPorte
Cast: Timothy Eric Dickson, Florence Garvey, Michelle Ogletree, Brittny Bush, Wayne DeHart.
November 11, 2012: Ensemble Free Theater Norway in collaboration with Cummins Theatre in Merredin, Western Australia
Location: Cummins Theatre. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Brendan McCall.
November 11, 2012: Tricklock Theatre Company, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Location: 110 Gold Street. Time: 2 PM
Directed by Valli Rivera
November 11, 2012: Caltech University, Pasadena, CA
Location: Beckman Institute Auditorium. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Arden Thomas.
Cast: Peggy Allen, Hui Ying Wen, Calliope Porter, Amit Lakhanpal, Peter Jones.
November 12, 2012: Theatre Project and Bump in the Road, Baltimore, MD
Location: The Theatre Project.. Time: 7 PM
Directed by Carmela Lanza-Weil.
November 12, 2012: University of Pittsburgh, PA
Location: Henry Heynmann Theatre. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Cast: Christina Claiborne, Bria Walker, Maria Enriquez, Ric Walker, Ricardo Vila-Roger.
November 12, 2012: University of California-Santa Barbara
Location: Studio Theater, UCSB Dept of Theatre. Time: 5:30 PM
Directed by Kellyn Johnson, producer/dramaturg: Jackie Viskup
 November 14, 2012: Profile Theatre, Portland, OR
Location: Profile Theatre. Time: 7:30 PM
Directed by RaChelle Schmidt.
November 14, 2012: DNAWORKS and Teatro Paraguas in partnership with the Santa Fe Art Institute and the Performing Arts Conservatory of the Southwest, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Location: Teatro Paraguas. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Daniel Banks.
November 14, 2012: University of Hawaii at Manoa Dept of Theatre and Dance in collab with Womens Studies Program
Location: Art Auditorium. Time: 5 PM.
Directed by Lurana Donnels O'Malley
November 15, 2012: UC-Davis Dept of Theatre and Dance, CA
Location: Wright Hall. Time: 8 PM
Directed by Josy Miller
November 17, 2012: Off the Hyphen Productions in collaboration with The Red Shoes in Baton Rouge, LA
Location: The Red Shoes. Time: 7:30 PM.
Produced by Eric Mayer-Garcia.
Directed by Brook Hanemann and Macy Jones.
November 19, 2012: American Culture Center, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
Location: JeongHasang Hall #501. Time: 6-8:30 PM
Coordinated by Kyung-Sook Boo and Claire Chambers
November 20, 2012: Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Webster University, St. Louis, MO
Location: Conservatory Spaces, Webster Groves, MO. Time: 7 PM
Directed by Gad Guterman
November 23, 2012: Signdance Collective International and Middlesex University, UK
Location: Grove Studio 2, Middlesex University. Time: 4 PM
Directed by Pedro DeSenna. Performed part spoken/part in British Sign Language.
November 26, 2012: Stephen F Austin State University Dept of Theatre, Nagadoches, TX
Location: Black Box Theatre. Time: 7:30 PM
Directed by Jason David Scott.
November 26, 2012: Ohio State University Dept of Theatre, Columbus, OH
Location: Roy Bowen Theatre. Time: 7:30 PM.
Directed by Karen Mozingo.
November 26, 2012: Florida Gulf Coast University Dept of Theatre, Fort Myers, FL
Location: FGCU Arts Complex. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Armando Rivera.
November 26, 2012: Fairmont State University, West Virginia
Location and time: TBA
Directed by John O'Connor
November 27, 2012: New Dramatists, NY (Alumni reading)
Location: New Dramatists, 424 West 44th Street, NYC. Time: 7 PM.
Directed by Scott Schwartz
Cast: Sofia Jean Gomez, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Gloria Mann, Bobby Plasencia and Steven Rishard.
December 4, 2012: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Location: University of Iowa, Theatre Building, Studio 172. Time: 8 PM.
Directed by Tlaloc Rivas, Assistant Professor of Directing
Cast: Anne Marie Nest (Assistant Professor of Voice), and members of the University of Iowa's MFA Acting Program
 Other Venues Confirmed: Locations and Times Forthcoming
Arizona State University, AZ
National Theatre Institute, CT
Penn State University, PA
Pittsburgh State University-Harrisburg
University of Pittsburgh, PA
Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
Wheaton College, MA
Wayne State, Detroit, MI